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With our 1:1 coaching service, you’ll:

Avoid costly mistakes

by getting an expert opinion on your ideas

Get reliable answers

to your complex questions

Save time and stress

by letting our experts find answers for you

Gain peace of mind

knowing you’re getting impartial and expert-led coaching

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Start solving your complex
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Why trust abroaden?

When it comes to your money as a person living abroad, there are a lot of people out there competing for your attention. Here’s why abroaden is worth your time.


You work with qualified experts with real certifications

All of our coaches hold certifications in wealth management, investment advice, and financial planning from some of the top professional bodies in Europe.

With abroaden, you’ll get coaching from a qualified expert who knows how money and financial services work from years of study and practice; not from a couple of self- help books.

Our coaches live abroad like you do

Everyone in abroaden — including our coaches — are living or have lived abroad. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. You’ll get help based around your unique international needs from people who get what it’s like to live in a foreign country.


We’re here to help you, not sell to you.

We don’t sell any financial products before, during or after the coaching sessions.

Instead, we answer your questions about any investment or financial product, and recommend tools and services to help you reach your goals.

What abroaden members are saying about their 1:1 coaching experience

"This was the first time I felt like I had a clear understanding of my financial situation and what steps I needed to take to improve it."

- Will, American in Spain

"My coach was so helpful and made me feel like I could actually achieve my financial goals."

- Sohpie, Australian in Barcelona

"My coach was an incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and patient who made me feel comfortable asking questions."

- Morgan, Canadian in Berlin

How your 1:1 coaching session with abroaden works

Step 1: Book your session

Booking your session takes only a couple of minutes. After you tell us a bit about yourself, you’ll select which problem we can help you with.


Step 2: Meet with your coach

You’ll receive an invite to join your coach for a 45-minute session.Before that, your coach will reach out to you with additional questions to make sure you get the support you’re looking for.

The session is completely confidential so you can talk about your concerns without worry.

Step 3: Follow up on your goals

You’ll receive a detailed summary and action plan after your meeting. Your coach will book a 15-minute follow up session with you to see how you’re progressing on your goals.

We’ll make adjustments based on your progress. If you have questions, your coach is there to assist you.


Our coaching packages

Goal planning

Set a budget, learn about retirement, save for a house; we'll coach you through it.

Investing questions

Saw an investment you're curious about? Have investments but you're not sure what's in them or what they do? Ask us, we'll walk you through their ins and outs so you can understand better.

Financial checkup

Make sure your finances are in the right spot.

Moving to a new country

Get a plan to move your money and investments with you.

Remote and freelancing

Set yourself up for success while working abroad or building your business.

US expats

We'll go through your wealth-building possibilities as an American living abroad.

Don't see what you're looking for? Book a general consultation and we'll find answers to your questions!

1:1 financial coaching pricing

You'll pay a flat rate of 150 EUR per coaching session. Our coaching package includes:

  • Pre-session information gathering: our coach will reach out to get all the details they need for a successful session
  • 45-minute coaching session: you’ll have a confidential 1: 1 session with your coach to help strategize solutions to your questions. You’ll receive a detailed summary and action plan afterwards from your coach.
  • 15-minute follow up: Your coach will email you a detailed summary along with any action plans and information to help you be successful after the call. You’ll have a 15 minute follow up session with your coach to ensure you’re on the right track and provide you with more information.

150 EUR

Per coaching session, which includes a 45 minute initial call and 15 minute follow up.

What's the difference between coaching and investment advice?

You might be thinking to yourself “what’s the difference between coaching and financial advice?” In short, financial advice involves building a bespoke investment strategy with targeted returns for you. Investment advice also uses a different pricing model based on the performance of your portfolio. Our coaching product doesn’t offer these services or pricing.

Instead, we guide you through different types of investments, financial products, strategies and tools that could help you reach your goals; it’s up to you to take that information and use it as you see fit. Whatever you do with that, we don’t receive a share of your investment gains, since we charge a flat fee for our services.

That said, all of our coaches have investment advisor qualifications and experience working in the sector. Our mission is to eventually offer investment advice. We follow the same compliance procedures that investment advisors do, including continuous professional development through the professional bodies we’re qualified with.

Please read our coaching terms and agreement here!