Master your money, find financial wellbeing and grow your wealth: Wherever you call home.

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Meet abroaden: the financial wellbeing platform for expats, remote workers, and millions of others living abroad (just like you).

with your abroaden account you get:

Financial coaching

for people living abroad from certified investment advisors

Budgeting tools

to help you reach your savings goals faster.

A snapshot

of your global pensions and investments to know your real net worth.

Trusted information

and answers to your financial questions.

Access to workshops

and exclusive content to grow your knowledge.

Grow your wealth

with a curated partner network of providers.

Mastering your finances while living abroad is complicated and out of reach. - Until now.

With your abroaden account, you get access to the tools, resources and support normally reserved for already wealthy expats, but made for everyday people living abroad like you.

Here's how


Connect your bank account(s).

With your permission, you connect your bank account into our platform so we can set goals together. You can also connect your pension plans and other investments to see what your net worth looks like (and know how much you’ll have when you retire).


Set your goals with time-tested budgeting tips

We make it easy to set and stay on top of a budget, saving you time, money and stress. Search our curated partner network to grow your wealth and stay on top of your finances.

Ask qualified experts your questions.

Unlike other “expat financial coaches,” abroaden has qualified investment advisers with EU and UK recognized certifications. Curious about a financial product you saw or just have a question about how money and finance works where you’re living? Ask us in the chat and put your doubts at ease. Book 1-on-1 coaching sessions to go even deeper.


Learn and build your confidence.

Our workshops, exclusive content and tools help build your knowledge. We cover everything from the basics of finance and budgeting, tools to help you assess financial products, to what’s happening in the economy - all via your dashboard.

Americans abroad are welcome

When it comes to managing and growing money, Americans living abroad are in a near impossible spot.

On the one hand, you know how important sound money management is to your future. On the other, the system seems stacked against you, particularly if you weren’t sent abroad by your employer.

(We know: we’re a company founded by US expats who became obsessed with solving our complicated money problems).

We welcome Americans abroad.


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