The first all-digital financial adviser

for people living abroad is (almost here)

Introducing the first all-digital investment adviser for people abroad.
Finally, there’s a low-cost, transparent investment adviser for expats, remote workers, and international freelancers.
No more offshoring your hard-earned money into expensive insurance policies. No nasty surprises when you move countries. No high barriers to building your wealth.
We create an Investment plan tailored for you using tech, and Nobel prize-winning theories, taking into account your unique international lifestyle.
Then, with your approval, we do the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to.
one low-cost platform
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No more spending hours tracking down or losing access to your different investments.
We build your abroaden portfolio to cross borders (almost) as easily as you do.
Do you know where your money goes each month? We can help you.
By connecting in your bank accounts, we give you detailed insights on your spending: then help you save more and reach your financial goals.
one low-cost platform
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Everyone has questions about money, their finances, and the economy.
People living abroad are no exception. Ask us what’s on your mind and we’ll find the answer.

Don't lose any more sleep over money,
regardless of where you call home

one low-cost platform