Now, your wealth grows and goes with you.

Whether to a new country or back home, here it's how.

As your financial adviser, we learn your goals, investment preferences, and tolerance to risk.


one low-cost platform

Based on your answers, we use a blend of our expertise and technology to build an investment strategy made specifically for you.


Once you agree to the strategy, we do the rest -- from transactions, to management, to reporting. We focus on growing your wealth while you focus on living your best life.


one low-cost platform

Living abroad means you periodically move countries: whether it’s to someplace new or even back home. Thanks to abroaden’s setup and investment selection, your wealth seamlessly moves with you.


Your partner along the way

We help you in your day-to-day life, giving you insights into your spending, financial coaching, and the answers to any questions you might have. That way, you get a more harmonious relationship with your money.

Never miss out

Our focus on serving your unique needs while living abroad means your money grows uninterrupted without nasty surprises. We work with financial partners regulated in the EU and UK, protecting you & your investments to the highest global standards.


We believe that building your wealth shouldn’t be exclusive to the already wealthy. Unfortunately, all too many people targeting people living abroad think just that.

Our prices change depending on how much you invest with us, ensuring you can grow your effortlessly wealth without excessive fees.

At abroaden, you can start investing for as low as 300 EUR. With this amount, we can build the diversified portfolio you deserve and get you started on your wealth-building strategy.

(Of course, the more you invest, the more you can grow).


Via your app and dashboard, abroaden users get unrivaled access to:

on a wide range of investment products tailored for people living abroad like yourself.*

Financial Advice

one low-cost platform

Powered by our algorithms and managed by experts.

Smart Investment Management

ready for your yearly declaration

Tax forms

take your investments with you when you move.

Personal “wealth transporter”

one low-cost platform

to answer any questions you might have about finance and your life abroad

A trusted source

in a community of millions of expats, remote workers, and others living abroad just like you.

Financial inclusion

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