Who is abroaden for?

Wondering who abroaden is for? Great question. We’ve got you covered.

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abroaden is for expats (but not the type you’re thinking of).

Our original goal was to help expats like ourselves take control of our finances. When we say “like ourselves,” it’s because the vast majority of people living abroad don’t fit the expat stereotype.

For us, that can mean:

  • Moving or relocating to another country on our own(not a short- term work assignment).
  • Handling the move by ourselves.
  • Working like everyone else on a local contract.
  • Middle to middle- upper class income.
  • Wound up studying abroad and never left.
  • Following our hearts, passions, and sense of adventure.

Does that sound like you ? Awesome.


How abroaden helps expats

As an expat, we help you reach your financial goals by:

  • Answering your money questions and translating local financial jargon.

  • Giving you budget coaching based on your spending habits.

  • Providing you with global snapshots of the pension plans and investments you’ve collected over the globe.

  • Connecting you with workshops, training and other exclusive content to boost your financial education and confidence.

  • Supplying you with a curated list of partners to help grow and protect your wealth while living abroad.

  • Enabling you to reach your financial goals, regardless of where you call home.

abroaden is for international remote workers and freelancers

Over the past 5 years, international remote working went from a pipedream for many to a reality. With the pandemic changing how we interact with the office, more people are working remotely from abroad than ever before.

When it comes to staying on top of your money though, remote working from abroad isn’t straightforward.

Our financial wellbeing platform is made for international remote workers and freelancers just like you.That way, you can stay on top of your financial goals while you work.


How abroaden helps international remote workers and freelancers

In addition to helping you like an expat, we make international remote work more financially fulfilling by:

  • Providing you with answers to your financial and self - employment questions.

  • Connecting you with fiscal services that can help you stay on top of taxes and reporting.*

  • Giving you access to workshops, training and other exclusive content to boost your financial education and confidence.

  • Advising you on how to structure yourself as a freelancer or remote worker.*

  • Helping your employer to ensure they are maximizing your compensation.

  • Referring you to immigration lawyers who can help you obtain a remote worker or digital nomad visa.*

Working remotely from abroad ? Start on your path to financial well - being today.

abroaden is for Americans living abroad

When it comes to financial wellbeing and wealth building, over 10 million US expats are at a distinct disadvantage.

Most banks and brokers won’t even touch US citizens outside of the United States.

What’s worse is that American tax and reporting rules make it difficult if not impossible to get trusted information or even build your wealth while living abroad. (We know it too well; our co - founders are both US expats).

Not anymore.

American expats are welcome at abroaden. 🇺🇸


How abroaden helps Americans living abroad

As an American living abroad, you get:

  • Coaching and financial insights on your spending.
  • Access to our experts to answer your finance questions.
  • Workshops and training made for US expats.
  • Connections to tax advisors specialized in US expat tax issues.
  • Referrals to our wealth - building partners compliant for US expats.**

Americans abroad welcome: Sign up now to get started.

abroaden is for startups and international companies

Attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges for companies of all sizes. Sometimes, to get the staff you need to succeed, you have to recruit from abroad or outside the local talent pool. When you do, keeping them employed, engaged and productive becomes crucial.

Helping them feel confident about their personal finances goes a long way to keeping them happy, focused and productive.By teaching your workers how to budget and build their wealth better, they’ll make the most of their salaries.

We’re proud to work with your company to give your non - citizen workers a valuable perk-- regardless if you’re a startup or established international firm.

Contact us today to learn more.


abroaden is for coworking spaces

abroaden was born in a coworking space (figuratively). We’re huge fans of the concept, but also know how key community is to your competitiveness.

We’re partnering with coworking spaces like yours to give your members access to our financial wellbeing tools.

That way, they can remain productive members of your community without having to stress about finance.

Contact us now to learn more.

logo abroaden is for people living abroad

Our goal is to help members of international communities around the world achieve financial wellbeing and reach their financial goals.

Regardless if you’re an expat, remote worker, freelancer, digital nomad, person living abroad, or however you identify, abroaden is for you.