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about us

As long time expats, we know that people living abroad (like us) lack access to affordable and transparent investment services.

Digital nomads, remote workers, and expats around the world struggle to find the right investments for retirement, build their wealth in a way they’re comfortable with and make their futures financially secure.

We wondered why that was the case. And after seeing how tech democratized investment and advice and management for domestic audiences, we thought, “why can people living abroad have the same thing?”

We want you to be able to build your wealth without investing in shady offshore insurance schemes. We believe that you deserve access to financial advice only people abroad would understand. And we know that keeping up with taxes across borders is a pain in the ass.

We’re building an automated investment advice and management platform for the millions of middle-class people living abroad, like yourself.

The Team

Juan Carlos Ruiz
Co-Founder & CTO

15+ years experience in IT development & project management

Colombian American

Elliott Locke
Co-Founder & CEO

10 years experience in banking and fintech CISI Member & certified in wealth and investment management

Belgian American

Gerardo Milano

12 years experience in institutional banking with experience in operations, risk and collateral management


Are you an investor (in companies)?

Abroaden is currently fundraising to grow its business. If you are a business angel, incubator fund or VC, we would love to hear from you.