Attract international talent with the right pension plans.
For startups and international companies, the right person for the job doesn’t necessarily come from where you’re located.
Instead, the best recruiters look for the most qualified individual for the job, regardless if they’re a native, a local expat, or from another country.
To get the department head the talent they need, companies offer generous compensation packages.
Pension and retirement plans are often included to sweeten the offer, giving each employee the peace of mind knowing that they are building a nest-egg while putting their talents to best use.
But did you know that, for your foreign employees, most of these schemes give employees more headaches than benefits?
Why local investment schemes are a bad fit for your international workers
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Most domestic investment and pension plans focus on the native workforce. In itself, there is nothing wrong with that. After all, if a person spends their entire life in one country, it only makes sense to use products optimized to local laws and needs.
However, people from other countries won’t necessarily spend their lives in one place. These talented individuals who give your business valuable international perspective will likely move at some point in their careers.
Oftentimes, their local retirement investments and pension plans cannot travel with them.
Instead their nest egg must stay put, where the person cannot contribute to or even access it.
By the time the person reaches their goal, they will spend hours dealing with different banks, funds, and tax authorities to retrieve their investments.
If the purpose of a pension or long-term investment plan is not to worry about money after retiring, why not make that experience stress free for every employee, regardless of where they come from?
Did you know that…
  • When your foreign employees return home, that they often lose access to their local investments?
  • The local pension plans on offer can sometimes create tax nightmares for them, depending on where they live and they’re from?
  • If they come from a country with a different currency, local investments might work against their wealth-building goals?
  • Many products on the market that target HRs are actually offshore life-insurance plans with higher fees and penalties than hedge funds?
Why “offshore” life insurance is even worse.
If you’ve been around the HR world for a bit, you’ve no doubt been contacted by an “expat adviser” offering to help your international employees with their retirement.
They might tell you about “efficiency” and “tax protection” as the insurance they use comes from an offshore tax haven.
What they’re not telling you, though, is deeply concerning
These ‘advisers’ are not so much consultants as they are sales people. They receive handsome commissions for any sale, with little regard to their clients’ best interest. Indeed, the relationship usually stops once the ink is dry, leaving the investor with many questions and few answers.
The “life insurance” on offer is full of fees and penalties. It is common for investors to pay 9% fees in the first year alone which goes to the “adviser’s” pocket and not to the underlying investment.
If an investor wants out early, she must pay hefty exit fees, often receiving her initial investment and little else.
This information is almost never presented to either the HR department nor the employee, leaving them desperately searching for answers, while souring the worker-employer relationship.
Your international employees deserve much better.
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We make it easy for regular people living in and working in different counties to find and manage investments.
Our platform uses industry-standard investment algorithms to select a wide range of investments and strategies tailor made for international workers. Thanks to our expertise, whenever a client moves to a different country, we move their investment portfolio with them.
There’s no need to deal with pension plans and investment accounts scattered around the world.
Our clients have ultimate control over their investments. With our advice, we give each user the information they need to make informed decisions about their financial futures.
Unlike plans fit for native audiences, we build your international employees strategies that fit with their global needs, whether they are expats residing locally or location independent remote workers.
Unlike offshore ‘life insurance,’ our users have ultimate control over their investment accounts. Combined with our competitive fees, our users can rest assured knowing that their financial future is in their hands. And, with our help, we ensure that their future is as bright as possible, regardless of where they call home.
Why we help startups and international attract and retain talent
Abroaden enables HRs to give their location independent workers access to transparent & automated (retirement) investments.
Now, you can give your international talent access to retirement and pension planning that won’t sour your relationship nor leave your employees with paperwork, headaches, and questions.
Offering abroaden’s services comes at no cost to your company. Instead, we provide your eligible employees with discounted access to our platform. Your international workers will benefit from our services, both during their employment with you and afterwards.
In an increasingly competitive and horizontal environment for attracting top global talent, how can you best win the workers you need to get the job done?
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