The problem every expat knows too well
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For the most part, living abroad is a truly enriching experience. You see the world in ways few others do, seeing across borders, cultures and languages.
Yet, when it comes to getting low-cost and transparent financial advice, people living and working abroad are mostly forgotten.
You know it all too well: people think of you as a jet-setting elite, bouncing between continents on a whim, never having to worry about money or tomorrow.
But you know this simply isn’t true.
The reality is that the vast majority of expats and international workers are normal, middle class people who happen to live in a foreign country.
Because of this misconception, it’s nearly impossible to find the advice you need from people you can trust to help invest in your retirement and build your nest egg.
Isn't it time expats and international remote workers like yourself get low-cost, high-quality financial advice the rest of the world takes for granted?
The world’s first all-digital financial manager for people living abroad
Abroaden makes it easy for expats and remote workers living abroad like yourself to find and make investments. that fit your unique international profile, needs, and ethos.
Automated investment advice & management for people with global lives
Working with our app, we find out how much you want to invest for a goal, where you want to be when you reach it, and how much risk you’re willing to take (since no one should ever lose sleep because of their money).
Our algorithms then match you with the optimal investments best suited to you.
Whether that be green investing, putting your capital into socially responsible causes, or just profiting from the global economy, we find the best combination to grow your wealth.
Then, our tools get to work doing the heavy lifting. Between the time you start and the time you finish, we automatically nurture your portfolio, so it reaches its full potential without costly human mistakes.
Curious to see how your investments are performing? Log into our app or dashboard and get insights on the spot.
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Investments that move with you.
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Most investment companies pitch their products and advice to a domestic audience. This info can be great...if you spend your entire life in one place. Others try to sell you offshore “insurance” that has higher fees and penalties than a hedge fund.
When you move countries, though, your funds stay put, with you having to keep track of them from afar. In the worst case, you can't even contribute to them from a foreign country. Instead, you can only sell your investments, even if it means taking a loss or paying taxes.
At abroaden, we find internationally-registered funds and investments for you. Now, your nest egg crosses borders (almost) as effortlessly as you do.
No reporting headaches. No lockouts. No unnecessary losses. No sky-high fees. No stress. You just tell us if you move, and we'll do the rest, regardless of where you call home.*
Financial coaching to help you spend and save better
Having control of your financial future begins with knowing how you approach money. We help you know your (financial) self through our personal budget coaching tool.
Once you securely connect your bank account(s) to our platform, we show you where you're spending your money -- and how you can save more.
From there, you can put more of your money to work for you. Investing is about growing your wealth. We help you maximize your investment potential.
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Your financial questions: answered
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Money, investing, and the economy are complicated subjects. No one expects you to be an expert. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions about your financial life.
Furthermore, as a person living abroad, the right response requires a global understanding of your needs.
That’s why we’re here to answer them. Just ask us what’s on your mind: what’s the best way for me to invest for my retirement?
Is it the right time to request a pay raise? Should I buy an apartment? We’ll help answer them in a way tailored to you.
If we can’t directly find an answer, we’ll keep looking and come back to you with what you need. Your inquiries build our knowledge, enabling us to give you the advice you seek.
Why abroaden is built for you
Popular offshore expat, "life insurance plans" come with fees and exit penalties that are double those found in hedge funds. Getting your money back is nearly impossible since the person who pitched it to you is a sales rep and not an adviser.
Investment products for "locals" are okay when you live in that country. However, once you move, you can't easily access them (if at all). Besides their high fees, these products simply aren't built to serve you and others who live abroad.
With abroaden, it’s different because you’ll:
  • Always know exactly how much you pay in fees (hint: it’s a lot less than the existing options).
  • Never find yourself suddenly locked out of your retirement fund just because you moved to another country.
  • Be able to sell your investment portfolio at any time, getting back whatever it's worth on the market.
  • Have access to your account and our insights via our app and dashboard, where you’ll find everything in language you understand 24/7.
No high-pressure sales. No outrageous terms and conditions. No BS. We're a company by everyday people living abroad for everyday people living abroad like you. We know what it’s like for you to be an expat or working remotely from a foreign country.
abroaden is currently accepting applicants to our waitlist.
If you’re a person living abroad ready to take control of
your financial future, we’re here to help you.
* certain restrictions apply based on your residence and/or nationality. Interested to learn more? Sign up now for our waitlist.
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