How abroaden works
abroaden is bringing transparent, automated financial advice & investment management to people living abroad. Here’s how we serve you.
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Our mission is to build investment strategies and advice fit to your needs.
To do so, we ask you a series of questions about your financial goals, biography, financial education level, and risk comfort (so you can sleep sound).
This information stays tightly guarded with us, as we take your right to privacy extremely seriously.
With the information you provide us, we can get to work building an investment profile suited to your international lifestyle.
We look at a wide spectrum of investments to find the ones that fit with your goals.
...using industry-standard tech to put it all together
As a WealthTech company, we use industry-standard algorithms and Nobel Prize-winning theories to find the optimal combination of different investments.
That way, we minimize many of the risks associated with investing, letting your money grow as efficiently as possible.
Before you begin any investment plan, we tell you what you’ll invest in, the (small) fees of the funds, and information about the strategy that you need to know.
Have a question? Chat with us and we’ll give you the information you need to make an informed decision.
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
ETFs form the backbone of most of our clients’ portfolios. We have a curated catalog of over 150 different funds that are not only statistically diverse but tailored to your ethos. For example, if you believe in putting your money to work in socially-responsible projects, we can make that happen.
At any time, you may sell your ETFs, getting its current market value in cash, minus any taxes. We work with a broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, which keeps your investments safe.
Different savings accounts
Using different providers, we look for different cash accounts to deposit your cash. This way, we can find the highest-paying deposits so that you earn better interest than your bank.
You may get your money back at any time.
However, depending on the account type, there might be a fee (we’ll tell you upfront and in advance of withdrawing your money what fees. if any, you will pay).
Alternative investments (Coming soon)
True investment diversification means looking everywhere for an opportunity. Depending on your goal and risk comfort, we can connect you with alternative investments such as real estate projects and microlending. We look for the most suitable projects based on your needs. From there, we place your money in a diversified way to grow while reducing risk.
Depending on the project, you might not be able to get your funds back immediately. We will inform you of all the terms both before investing and when you’d like to sell.
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Successful investing doesn’t mean “setting it and forgetting it.” Like growing a bountiful garden, reaching an investment goal requires monitoring, caring, and adjusting.
Most retail investors either don’t or can’t do this part. In turn, they don’t reach their full potential. Our tools automatically make adjustments that many investors overlook.
In turn, we keep your investments on track, while potentially saving you tax money in the process.
Whenever you move to another country, we move with you.
That way, you’re not chasing your investments from different countries or dealing with multiple tax systems.
Once we know that you’re settled, we’ll optimize your portfolio management for where you reside so that your financial goals stay on track.
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We want to be your partner, not just another service provider.
Doing so means, going beyond just investment advice.
Personal financial coach
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By connecting your bank account(s) to your abroaden account, we can learn about your spending and savings habits in real-time. Then, with our tech, we tell you how you can make improvements.
Do you have a personal savings goal in mind? Great! Enter it into the app or your dashboard, and we’ll send you alerts to help you reach it. Do you want to invest even more toward your retirement? We can coach you with that, too.
For international freelancers, our tools can also help you make sense of exchange rates and other peculiarities of how you earn money (coming soon).
Answers to your questions
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We believe that:
  • There are no wrong questions when it comes to money.
  • The key to financial freedom means understanding economic and financial concepts.
Our chat tool lets you ask any money questions you have on your mind.
If we can’t answer it directly, we’ll find out and contact you to let you know. As partners, we learn from each other.
What it costs
Note that this information below is provisional. Abroaden will revise and publish its final fee brochure upon approval of our operating permission from the relevant regulatory authorities.
We believe that investment and financial advice should be accessible to everyone and not just the already-wealthy. Furthermore, we aren’t in the business of making a commission by selling investment products that you don’t need.
We charge a maximum of 1% of your portfolio’s annual value as our fee. However, as your portfolio grows, that number decreases.
Most of our clients will pay 20 EUR a month (or less than a combined Netflix and Spotify subscription).
With that, we provide all of the services above, helping you grow your wealth and manage your finances with little more than lifting a finger.
Do you live and work abroad? Do you know that you need to invest
but you don’t know how? You’re not alone.
In fact, that’s exactly why we created abroaden.
We’re a company by people living abroad, for people living abroad.
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